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Manily Personal Loan informs that it does not collect remuneration

Directly from borrowers, it cooperates directly or via remuneration with Manily Personal Loan. By taking out a loan with insurance, we increase its cost. What if we say it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way? That this is only apparent? That buying insurance can even save a large amount of money?

It is so, although it is hard to believe. Many banks allow the resignation from insurance after an agreed period of time, i.e. after 3 months or half a year. After this time, you can terminate the insurance contract, the insurance amount previously added to the loan is deducted.

The installment decreases, the amount of the entire commitment also goes down. The commission for the bank is no longer added. Thus, by paying insurance for several months, you avoid bank fees. The sum of the summary is that thanks to insurance you have managed to save a large amount of money, even if you initially paid a higher installment. Revelation, right?