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Gmail Backup – Gmail Account Complete Backup

Basically Gmail backup is that service which allows the user to backup and as well as restores their important data. Gmail has two types of backup one is for Gmail files and the other one is for Media. The benefit of Gmail Backup is that if the user accidentally logged out from there Gmail Account or delete there files and media from the phone, so the user doesn’t have to be panic because Gmail has your all data as backup but make sure that your data has sync or not, it means that you must have to sync your data if you want your important data back from Gmail. In this article, we will guide you completely what is the procedure of creating a full backup of photos, videos and text messages by Gmail. Scroll down for more info.

How to Backup or Sync your data

Here we give you the complete instructions that how can you backup or sync your data on Gmail Account. You just need to follow the following steps which are given below.
1. First of all Log In your Gmail Account on your own device.
2. Now click on the bar of “Settings” which is given in the right top corner of your device screen.
3. After that just go to forwarding and Click on Pop in the settings.
4. Now you have to enable the POP for your all emails (also all that emails which is already completely downloaded).
5. After all these steps change it when all the texts are successfully accessed with POP, it is used to keep the Gmail’s copy in the Inbox.
6. Once you are done with all these steps just click on the bar of “Save Changes”.

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Following are the important steps to consider that your Gmail account is a backup location or not, just carefully read all the steps, we hope that it will clear your all problems.
1. If the user is backing their email so keep in your mind that it should not be a primary backup location for the user.
2. Secondly, the user has there owned dedicated Gmail account if they want to store there all files, because it allows SyncBackPro to delete all those things which are not backup, like spam.
3. Maybe it takes long delay while sending an email, just wait until it will store in your email inbox, so do not run the backup too quickly.
4. If any emails are getting from only one server or address then it may use the flood control to stop it.
5. If the file is too large then the user has to use the “Zip Compression” and have to split the size of the file.


For this just follow the following instructions which are as given below:

  • Your very first work is to open the Gmail on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Then you will see a Menu bar which is mentioned at the top left side of your device screen.
  • Just trash it.
  • Now just tap and hold on all of those pictures and videos which you want to recover.
  • After that, you will see an icon of “Restore” which is given at top right corner of your device screen, just tap on it.
  • When you will finish this step your pictures and videos will be automatically restored to your Google Photos library.
  • It will add to that particular album in which it was in.


  • If you want to restore or make a backup of your personal and important SMS you have to download SMS Backup+ and connect it with your Gmail Account. Once you download it so just follow the following steps to make a backup of your SMS:
  • First of all, open the SMS Backup+ application on your phone.
  • Now tap to “Connect” so it will connect the SMS Backup+ application with your Gmail Account.
  • After that tap to select your Gmail account in which you had used to synchronize with your Android device like Google Mails, Calendar, Contacts and so on.
  • Now the user has to tap on the bar of “Allow Access” for the permissions request window.
  • If you want your all SMS backup quickly from your Google Account so just tap on the icon of “Backup” otherwise skip that step so it will backup your SMS later.
  • Now just wait until your SMS messages are being restored on your device.
  • After all these steps when you navigate your account so you will see an additional label of SMS on your sidebar. When you click on it you will see your all SMS of your Android device.
  • So this is the complete instructions for creating a full backup in Gmail if you follow these steps you will easily backup your files, pictures, videos, and messages.

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