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Gmail sign up, Gmail signup guide, How to create a Gmail account?

Google provides (Gmail) the free messaging/email service for google user. Gmail can be used in android, ios and windows. The developing date of Gmail is first April 2004, it was the first app to crossed one billion installations and collection from play store. Gmail sign up provide offers of email file sharing google search video chat and more email video chat communication. There are seventy-two languages in which Gmail is based. There is also storage limit to individual Gmail messages, once the message , including all attachments, cannot be larger than 25 megabytes. This services also allows other to be your screen through the screen share option Gmail is a great way to stay connected in the easiest way with family, friends, and employers etc.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is also available for IOS platform which you can use on iPhone. Here we guide you some important step, how to sign up Gmail account on phones apple. to open Gmail you need to follow the various step given below. once you can go to google chrome so the google app either, when you log in as you can see in the top left, there’s a kind of round icon that’s the (setting) you want to click on, that in the top left right here you see a descriptor on that like you should say setting in the top left here as you can see and then sign in what you want to do is click on sign in ok . Select the option (Add account)

Here it didn’t have anything, here if you don’t already have one so you click add account and then you will come to this screen you click more option do a little blue icon create an account. There are two option on your screen (first name) and (last name), so type your first and last name, tap on (next) to continue. Then they want your basic information such as your date of birth, gender.

gmail register

Having a Gmail account sign up will help you:

Now create a Gmail address for signing into your google account and remember this email address and tap on (next) option. There you enter some strongly secure password which is never guest by other and save this password, tap to (next). There you can use your phone number to sign in, in case if you forgot your password. You have one more chance to log in your Gmail account by the help of this number and click on (next) to continue

There you see some privacy and term, scroll down you see the option (i agree) click on it. then click on next

This is the best way to create new Gmail account on iPhone or iPad.

Gmail signup – How to create a new Gmail account?

To create a new google account on your android device. Once you going to the general setting menu here you will see (account option) click on it. The next menu should give you the option name (add account). Here you give some important about you. choose your email address for Gmail sign in account, create your password secure. Select your date of birth, gender, phone number, current email address and current location, enter all these details and click on continue .!

There have some privacy and term, scroll down this page and select the option (i agree) and continuous to Gmail account.

Now you get the notification on a number you right in detail. And your new Gmail is completely created. Now going to google search to sign in this account. This is the best way to create Gmail account on android devices.

gmail sign up

How to change the displayed name in Gmail?

As you know that Gmail is Email service. The interesting thing about this service is that users can easily use this Email service through there mobile applications. It based on two software which is android and iOS.This service started in April 2004 and its testing phase ended on 9 July 2009. 1 gigabyte is its initial start per user but during the time period its capacity becomes 15 gigabytes with totally free storage and users can get 50 megabytes in size with different attachments and users may easily send emails maximum with 20 megabytes. If your message is larger so the users have an option to attach the files from the google drive.

Gmail service gives us an opportunity to stay in touch with our beloved family and friends, by receiving various emails like electronic bills, newsletters, request for job interviews and much more.

Sign up Gmail on Android

Here we are providing you some tips for Signing Up the Google Gmail Account on your Android Device before creating Gmail Account you must have to download the Gmail application on your Android device and for this, the only work is to follow the steps which are given below:

  • First of all, you have to open your application menu on your Android device.
  • Now you will an icon of “PlayStore“.
  • After that search the new version of Gmail on the search bar of your device screen.
  • Now tap on the Gmail Application pop-up, when tap on it it will show you some Terms and Policies which you have to accept.
  • Just wait until your Gmail Application is installing.
  • Once your Gmail application is download just open it and then touch the “Menu” bar which is mentioned on the left top corner of your Android device.
  • After all, these touches the right down arrow of your username.
  • Now touch the icon of “Add Account” and after that touch on the icon of “Google”.
  • Now Google will ask you for some personal information about which you have to fill correctly.
  • Enter your very first and last name on the given bar.
  • Write your valid Email Account or username but be conscious that your username should be easy to find.
  • Enter your strong password for your security and Account protection.
  • Mention your Birth month, year and day in the given bar.
  • Give your valid Mobile Number for security.
  • Provide us your Email address in the given bar.
  • Tap on “Next” to continue.
  • Now Google will send you a verification code which you have to mention on the bar.
  • Once you are done with all these steps you are able to use Google Gmail Account.
  • These are the steps of creating Gmail Account on Android.

gmail signup

Create Gmail account Sign in

Here we are guiding you that how can you Sign In to Gmail Account on Gmail Application, steps are given below:

  • User’s very first work is to tap the menu which is mentioned on the upper left corner of your page.
  • Now tap your username and Email Address in the upper left corner of your device.
  • Now select the icon of Add Account.
  • Choose the icon of “Google“.
  • This step will right bring you back to the “Add your account” screen.
  • After that enter your Google Gmail address and tap to “Next”.
  • Now mention your Gmail password, tap the icon of “Next”.
  • Google will ask you for there “Terms and Policy” which you have to accept and continue.
  • Now it will give you an option of “Add Your Credit” if you want to add so just add there otherwise choose the option of “No Thanks” and continue.
  • Here your Google Account has successfully Sign In.
  • By these steps, you will easily Sign in your Gmail on your Android Device.

gmail sign up account

Use your Gmail Account

How to recover your Gmail password on Android? so just follow the following steps:

  • First of all visit the
  • Tap on the icon of “Need Help?” which is mentioned under the Sign In option.
  • Choose the icon of “I don’t know my password” then write your Google Email address.
  • Now tap on “Continue” because it will confirm your Google Email Address.
  • After that, it will ask you to enter your old Gmail password.
  • Then it will give you an option that by which option you want to reset your Gmail Account password via “Phone” or “Email”.
  • When you finally receive your verification code, write it on the given bar of “Enter that code here
  • After that, it will ask you to enter your new Gmail password, once you write your Gmail password so just confirm it.

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