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“In this article, we are telling you everything about creating and sign in to
The Email service which is developed by Google is known as Google Mail, sign up Gmail and it is the first email service that supports advertising. Paul Buchheit is the inventor of this service and has almost 1.5 billion users until February 2017. Users can use this service on the web and as well as on mobile applications.

The supported software of this service is Android and iOS. April 1, 2004, is the day when it was invented but only with the limited betnbfa release and on July 7, 2009, they ended there testing phase. Basically, this service is based on seventy-two (72) languages.

gmail sign in

The most interesting this about this Email service is that it automatically scans all the emails for the multiple purposes and in this scanning malware and filter spam are also included. If your message size is more than 25 megabytes including the attachments then you will not be able to send it because its twenty-five(25) is the last limit of its storage, not only this information in this article we are guiding you step by step that how can you create a login Gmail Account, how to Sign In and as well as its basic settings.

6 simple steps to sign in to

So in this article, we will show you that how can you create your Gmail, for this you just need to follow the given instruction which is as given below:
* Step no 1:
The very first thing which you will have to do is to open your Internet, open Google’s home page and search there for Gmail or Click here.
* Step no 2:
As you open the Gmail’s home page on your web browser you will see an option which is mention by “Create An Account“.
* Step no 3:
If you are here to gain some information about creating a Gmail Account so after these two steps Google will ask you some important and basic information about you and this information are:
Enter your very first and the last name.
Then select your “Username“.
Choose a unique username for your unique Email Address which you want to use. We will set your username on the Email Address like ““.
Mention your Email Address in the given section box of “Choose Your username” and continue to fill the rest of the information box.
Once you are done with your Email Address your next step is to mention your password. Make sure that the password you are mentioning on the section box must be strong for your own safety, your password should be based on at least eight (8) characters. If you want yourself very secure so just use letters and numbers for the strong security. You can also mention your existing Email Address which will keep your Email secure because your privacy is our priority.
* Step no 4:
If you want to continue that firstly you will have to accept Google’s terms and privacy policy, once have read it completely just click on “I Agree“.
* Step no 5:
For the verification, Google will ask you for your phone number because by this step Google will verify your Gmail by sending the verification code on your phone number. Make sure that the given phone number is valid. Once you are done with this just click on “Continue”

gmail login

How to login multiple Gmail accounts at the same time?

Now in this article, we will show you that how can you Log In with your Gmail, for this you will also need to follow the given instruction which is as given below:

Step no 1: Open Official Website

Firstly you will have to open the Google Sign In/ login page on your any device.

Step no 2: Enter Your Details

Now mention your Google’s Email Account or your phone number which you added while creating the Google’s Gmail Account.

Step no 3: Enter your Sign in Information for Gmail

After that carefully type your Gmail Account password.
(In case if you want to sign in another Google Account. Click on “Another Google Account“).

Step no 4: Continue to use Gmail Log in Account

Your last step is to click on “Continue” now you are able to use your Gmail Account.

Gmail Sign in Settings

Now here we are guiding you about Google Gmail basic settings, how to open Gmail Account settings and how many recommended settings are there.
1. How to open the settings page of Gmail.
2. To get the information just follow the following steps
3. First of all open Gmail on your device.
4. Now you will see the icon of settings in the right top corner of your page.
5. After that choose any tab like Accounts or Import, Label or anything.
6. Once you update your settings just save it by clicking on the icon of “Save Changes” which is mentioned at the bottom of the page.

How to recover Gmail password in the fastest way

User getting trouble to Signing in the Gmail Account then Google is the cool breeze because it guides you for security information when you were registering your Account. There are various different ways to recover your Google Gmail, in fact, if you don’t have any access to your recovery email, phone, or various option you also may be in the condition to reset your Google Gmail Account password by your identity but for this you must have to survey the Google Account Recovery page.

Firstly it’s our honor to guide you that how can you recover your Google Gmail and how are the reasons by which you can not sign in with your Gmail Account. We are providing you the best solution steps for your Gmail Issues. Following are the main issues for the users because these are the most common issues by which you cant Sign In with your Google Gmail Account and these issues are given below.

How to set up and use a recovery email address

1. If you forgot your Gmail password.
2. If you forgot your Email Address or Username of your Gmail password.
3. In case you remember your Gmail Account’s Email Address and password but you cant sign in.
4. If you think that your Gmail is used by someone unknown.
5. If you are facing the problems with the two (2) steps verification.
6. If you cant recover your Gmail password although Google is sending you a code on your phone number.
7. If you are using your Google Gmail through your School, Work or any other different group.
8. If you are a kid and you are under 13 and you can not Sign In to a Google Account.

Note: If you need further more assistant, please Click here.

Recover password of your account

If you forgot your Google Gmail so don’t be panic in this article we are providing you the easiest way to reset or recover your Gmail password, you just need to follow the following instructions which are as given below :
STEP # 1 :
The very first step is to click on an icon of “Forgot Password“.
STEP # 2 :
Now after the first step, your next step is to click on the icon bar “I Don’t Know My Password“.
STEP # 3 :
After that Google will ask you for your Google Gmail Email Address when you mention your Email Address just click “Continue“.
STEP # 4 :
Now you have two (2) options, first one is you must have to enter your Gmail Account’s last password which you remember and just click to continue. The second option is that if you don’t remember or cant memorize your last Gmail password so in that case just click on the icon “I Don’t Know“.
STEP # 5 :
Now Google will send you a verification code through the different ways like SMS, phone or by Email. When you get the verification code just click “Continue“.
STEP # 6 :
When you are done by mentioning the verification code Google will give you another option of “Re-Enter” your new password for Gmail Account. Once you re-enter your password just click on the icon “Change Password“.
STEP # 7 :
Your Gmail Account password has been successfully changed.
“So in this article, you will learn in just seven (7) steps that how can you reset or recover your Google Gmail Account and be conscious that your new password will be strong and different”.

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